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Electronic Engineering Scholarship

To combat the ever increasing complexity of electronic problems, faced by many automotive workshops today, the YES association together with the University of Waikato and AECS Ltd is putting forward a university scholarship. A scholarship aimed at the brightest to develop careers in our industry.

Collectively the main issue faced by the members of the YES association (Network of Automotive diagnostic experts) and others is finding the extra top level people needed to handle the massively increased workload. People who are capable and keen to solve complex automotive electronic issues.

The YES scholarship aims to financially assist a suitable student through a degree in electronic engineering at the University of Waikato. The YES association will endeavour to employ the scholarship recipient during the summers (nationwide work placement). After the student graduates it is expected that they will apply for a job within the YES association, as there are always opportunities of fulltime positions with one of our members.

This scholarship serves to let top level young people take a look at our industry, to show them how dramatically things have changed from yesteryear. The stigma attached to our dynamic industry is our biggest enemy in attracting large numbers of highly capable people.

If you are looking at studying electronic engineering and have a major interest in the automotive industry, enrol online at The scholarship is aimed at high achieving students starting their 2nd or subsequent years at Waikato University, for more details please read the award regulations online at

“You are wanted in the high tech automotive world!”


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