About Us

The YES!TM group is an association of top automotive specialists whom achieve great automotive diagnostics results for their customers, and great results for their businesses.

The strength of the group is that the members can rely on support from each other and from AECS. The support is via E-Mail, the internet and phone. The members all have a very high level of knowledge and skill that makes the whole group enormously strong. The problems solved by the members are often the electronic ones that are in the too hard basket of other workshops and even 'specialists'.

The network combined with a range of AECS Diagnostic equipment, special AECS 'top class' training and technical support creates a very powerful combination for the participants.

The 'top class' training are special sessions of hands on and theory training and are attended to twice per year. These trainings and level of support are not available for non members. Membership is upon invitation only.

The YES!TM members are spread throughout New Zealand and into Australia, outlying area's included. Some areas could be better served, but the membership base is growing with a lot of requests to become member even though membership is by invitation only. The vetting of prospect members is thorough and time consuming plus the standards set are very high.

Our members can be recognized by the YES association sign  proudly displayed outside their workshops.

"We diagnose and repair automotive electronic problems"