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  1. AECS Ltd

    AECS Ltd
    AECS ltd is the NZ automotive training and equipment provider..

  2. All Car Services

    All Car Services
    ·      All mechanical repairs & servicing & general...

  3. Armagh Automotive Ltd

    Armagh Automotive Ltd
    Repairs & servicing to all makes of vehicles.

  4. Arrow Automotive & Marine Ltd

    Arrow Automotive & Marine Ltd
    Specialise in all Automotive, Auto electrical and Marine services.  Battery-town agent

  5. Auto Technics

    Auto Technics

  6. B Mobile Auto Electrical

    B Mobile Auto Electrical
    Mobile diagnostics

  7. BM Workshop

    BM Workshop
    We specialise in BMW and Mini service & parts

  8. Burnett Auto Electrical

    Burnett Auto Electrical
    Starters, Alternators, Motorhomes, Solar Systems, Engine Diagnostics, Commerical Auto...

  9. Canobolas Diesel and Turbo

    Canobolas Diesel and Turbo
    Specialist repairers of diesel fuel injection and turbochargers. Filtration solutions

  10. Chris Joblin Toyota

    Chris Joblin Toyota

  11. Cowan Auto Electrical

    Cowan Auto Electrical

  12. Cross Auto Electrical Ltd

    Cross Auto Electrical Ltd
    Our services include engine and transmission diagnosis and ECU repair, ABS and SRS...

  13. CRV Equipment Ltd

    CRV Equipment Ltd
    For all your diesel repairs - big or small. We are your Electronic Diesel Engine Specialists

  14. Dakin Auto Services

    Dakin Auto Services

  15. Diesel & Turbo Charger Services 2004 Ltd

    Diesel & Turbo Charger Services 2004 Ltd

  16. Enterprise Motor Group

    Enterprise Motor Group

  17. Eric Short Automotive Ltd

    Eric Short Automotive Ltd

  18. Fremantle Fuel Injection

    Fremantle Fuel Injection

  19. Fueltronics


  20. Goodhue Automotive

    Goodhue Automotive

  21. Hokitika Automotive Ltd

    Hokitika Automotive Ltd
    Welcome! The team at Hokitika Automotive are focused on providing the best personalised...

  22. Hyde Automotive

    Hyde Automotive

  23. Jackson Brown Auto & Marine

    Jackson Brown Auto & Marine
    Mechanical & Electrical for Automotive & Marine   We have a wide range of...

  24. Kawakawa Auto services

    Kawakawa Auto services

  25. Khandallah Garage Ltd

    Khandallah Garage Ltd

  26. Leading Edge Automotive Ltd

    Leading Edge Automotive Ltd
    Welcome to Leading Edge Automotive We provide full mechanical repairs and service for...

  27. Mackenzie Country Motors

    Mackenzie Country Motors
    Any and All things

  28. Mecano Automotive Ltd

    Mecano Automotive Ltd
    French car specialst.

  29. Mid City Mechanical Repairs

    Mid City Mechanical Repairs

  30. Newlands Group

    Newlands Group
    A/C and auto electrical specialists

  31. Nissan NZ

    Nissan NZ

  32. Papamoa Automotive Service Centre

    Papamoa Automotive Service Centre
    All Makes and Models Engine Diagnostics and repairs All Mechanical and wof repairs Air...

  33. Pascoe Automotive Ltd

    Pascoe Automotive Ltd

  34. Petermark Automotive

    Petermark Automotive
    Automotive repair & general diagnostics

  35. Porirua Motors

    Porirua Motors

  36. Porirua Motors 22 Ltd

    Porirua Motors 22 Ltd
    We provide a full range of automotive service and repair including ; WOF, general car...

  37. R.B Devlin Auto Electrician

    R.B Devlin Auto Electrician

  38. Richmond Auto Services Ltd

    Richmond Auto Services Ltd

  39. RoTech Automotive

    RoTech Automotive

  40. Snow Bros Auto Electrical (2016) Ltd

    Snow Bros Auto Electrical (2016) Ltd

  41. Sonter Automotive 2003 Ltd

    Sonter Automotive 2003 Ltd

  42. Stratford Automotive Centre

    Stratford Automotive Centre

  43. The Best Automotve Clinic.

    The Best Automotve Clinic.
    Welcome, we are a Privately owned & operated KIWI family business and have been...

  44. Waihi Auto Services

    Waihi Auto Services

  45. Woodman Automotive

    Woodman Automotive

  46. Workshop 7

    Workshop 7
    Car servicing, WOF, & Fleet Maintence

  47. Yes Automotive Network - Administrator

    Yes Automotive Network - Administrator